Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders 2008. 7( ):2-.

Exercise Prescription in Patients with Diabetes Type 2
A Esteghamati , M Hassabi, F Halabchi , M Bagheri


Sedentary life style is considered as a main risk factor for DM-II. The role of regular exercise is appreciated in both primary prevention and treatment. Diabetic people can benefit from physical activity in order to have a better control on blood glucose level, lipid profile, body weight, and blood pressure. Furthermore, psychological improvements may follow such as decreasing anxiety or depression and improvement of sleep quality.
Different kinds of training including aerobic, resistive, and flexibility exercises could be recommended, but some parameters like intensity, duration, and frequency of exercises as well as safety measures should be explained to the patient when prescribing an exercise program.
A thorough medical evaluation is required before starting an unaccustomed exercise program in order to modify it, as needed.
It is recommended that diabetic people participate in moderate aerobic (40-60% Vo2max) and resistive (30-50% 1RM) exercises 3-5 and 2-3 sessions per week, respectively. However, it is a general recommendation, and an expert in exercise therapy should tailor the program with respect to individual conditions.


exercise, diabetes type 2, training,

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