Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders 2010. 9( ):9-.

The effect of education on nutrition style and Body Mass Index (BMI) on employed women in Iran University of Medical Sciences
Nooritajer M


Background: Much effort regarding practices for promoting health is underway nowadays. Health professions, previously being therapy-oriented, are now focused on prevention and providing health via improving lifestyles and eliminating factors that have adverse effects on public health. The aim of study is determining the effect of education on nutrition style and body mass index in employed women in Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS).
Methods: As a semi-experimental and interventional study, 200 volunteers were with recruited. The data collecting tool was the life style questionnaire. To analyze the inputs using SPSS software, we were used difference means, Chi-Square test and the paired t-test for forward method.
Results: The results showed that more than 51.4% of women were obese and overweight before the educational intervention that decreased to 48.5% after education. Education improved nutrition style in 72% of women.
Conclusion: The results showed education had a beneficial effect on nutrition style. Regarding the fact that education entails a national intention and a detailed program that could only be implemented by the contribution and the support of the ministry's administrators, we draw the attention of the administrators and planners of IUMS towards planning and policy making in this direction.


Body Mass Index, Nutrition style, Education,

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