Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders 2005. 5(0):125-.

Ahmad Esmaill zadeh, Seyed Masood Kimiagar, Yadollah Mehrabi, Leila Azadbakht


Concept of dietary patterns is new in the filed of nutritional epidemiology. However, it has not been focused to the extent that foods or nutrients have been considered. Although, identifying the association between nutrients and foods intake with chronic diseases is valuable yet, recent evidences have shown that the clinical trials that have used nutrients are not too successful to indicate the effects of that nutrient on the disease risk. On the other hand, the studies used dietary patterns have shown the significant effects on disease risk. Therefore, using dietary patterns analysis is an efficient method to identify diet-disease relations. However, it should be kept in the mind that dietary patterns are different across gender, ethnics, cultures and regions. It is, therefore, recommended that investigators in different countries need to assess their own community dietary patterns and emphasize on these patterns when trying to reduce chronic disease risk. The current study has been conducted to review the studies that have assessed the association of dietary patterns and chronic disease risk.


Dietary patterns, Chronic diseases, Food frequency questionnaire, Factor analysis, Diet quality,


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