Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders 2010. 9( ):8-.

Leptin and Immunology of Obesity
Bidad K, Moayeri H, Nicknam MH


Today, obesity is a major health problem in both developing and developed countries and investigations discovering its mechanisms are ongoing. Obesity is considered as a state of low-grade inflammation and it is believed that inflammation could be regarded as cause or consequence of obesity. Among all studied factors involved in obesity, leptin has been subject of extensive research. Leptin is a product of the ob gene and is regulated dynamically in the body. Leptin, which is mostly produced by adipocytes, has a role in satiety and is elevated in obesity. It can affect many cells in the immune system and is a target in immunological approaches. Other energy-regulating molecules are also under investigation and research in this field can help to discover new treatments for inflammatory diseases and also to reverse obesity and prevent its disastrous complications.


Obesity, Inflammation, Leptin, Adiponectin,

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